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Belt Collins for SMDC Mint Residences: Landscaping a masterpiece

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Published By: | February 4, 2021 Hawaii-based planning, design and consulting firm Belt Collins lends its landscaping expertise to SM Development Corp.’s new, premier development, as the two real estate giants aim to create a refreshing living space amid the urban cityscape.

Founded in 1953 by Robert M. Belt and Walter K. Collins in Hawaii, Belt Collins initially focused on civil engineering and urban planning. Soon after, the company expanded its services to cover conceptual design, environmental planning and more. The firm also built a well-trained team over the next few decades — the kind led by topnotch design directors, whose impressive track records and award-winning projects speak for themselves.

Armed with such an impressive resume, Belt Collins was soon handpicked by SMDC to turn vision into reality for Mint Residences in Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City. The goal: a modern community that juxtaposes the vibrancy of city living against nature-inspired and serene homes.

As part of Belt Collins, landscape designer extraordinaire Carol E. Jingco also stepped in to realize SMDC’s vision for Mint Residences. Among Jingco’s notable clients are Disneyland Hotels (Hong Kong), Cyberport (Hong Kong), Venetian and Galaxy Macau.

For Mint Residences, Belt Collins and Jingco worked around the impressive architecture and added vibrancy to the structural design through the use of lush greens, flora and other landscaping elements. “The primary focus was the character of its architecture, which would define the language and elements of the project. The straight lines and colors of the building were major elements that we focused on in completing the project,” she explains.

Straight lines, she says, connect various spaces within the residences. These include numerous common areas for leisure and relaxation, a kids’ playground and other shared spaces where families can get together morning, noon and night.

Warm colors, on the other hand, were also added to the mix, since they blend perfectly with the blue colors of the swimming pool, as well as with the different shades of green that can be found on the lawns and in the foliage.

The designer also makes a case for investing in properties that focus on calming and refreshing our senses, like SMDC’s Mint Residences. She also underscored the importance of landscape architecture in homes and residential spaces.

“Now more than ever, we have proven that people feel more comfortable and at peace when they are surrounded with plants. The added foliage in a home improves the air quality and provides a cooler atmosphere. Aside from the technical importance of landscape architecture, and its role in adding value to the property, a designed space or garden setting in a home will help inspire healthy living and well-being in a sense that we feel close to nature even in a manicured setting,” the landscape designer thoughtfully concludes. SMDC is PropertyGuru’s Best Developer for 2020. For more information, visit the Mint Residences property page. *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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