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Do you value convenience? This condominium is located at the heart of Metro Manila

Published By: Rappler | May 7, 2021

Light 2 Residences brings you closer to everything you need.

What do you value most when choosing a place to live?

Some people choose to stay near their workplaces because it allows them to travel to and fro the office faster when needed. If you’ve ever worked on an all-nighter project before, you might agree with this sentiment.

Other people might prefer staying near malls so they have quick access to grocery stores, restaurants, and other shops.

Meanwhile, there are those who choose residences that are accessible from just about everywhere. After all, you wouldn’t want to travel far everyday just to reach your home.

Can you relate to any of these? If the answer is yes, we’re here to tell you that there is a condominium that values all of these considerations.

Light 2 Residences: A highly-connected home in Metro Manila

HIGHLY STRATEGIC. Light 2 Residences is strategically located along the Mandaluyong stretch of EDSA

If you’re looking for a home that can immediately help you get what you need, whether it be entertainment, career, or lifestyle needs, then this is the home for you.

SM Development Corporation (SMDC)’s Light 2 Residences is for anyone who puts a premium on accessibility and convenience.

Located along the Mandaluyong stretch of EDSA, it ensures that residents have easy access to the rest of the city. This strategic location can help you cut back on your travel time.

You can also consider career opportunities in two of Metro Manila’s Central Business Districts, as both Ortigas and Makati are immediately accessible from this location.

Accessibility of public transport

If you prefer public transportation, there’s no need to worry. This condominium is directly connected to the city’s metropolitan area through Boni MRT station.

Enjoy top-notch facilities

PRIVATE URBAN PARK. This community hub was designed by award-winning Hong Kong-based landscape design group

Light 2 Residences boasts thoughtfully designed facilities, common spaces, and a one-hectare private urban park dotted with amenities that were created for its residents’ health and well-being.

LOBBY. The lobby is characterized by curved accents complimented by the strategic application of materials such as white marble stone and mirrors to reflect the project’s namesake, light

Inside the condominium are welcoming hotel-like lobbies, lounges, and shared spaces where you can greet guests or interact with your neighbors.

GYM. A fitness gym is located at the 7th floor of Light 2 Residences

Fitness buffs can also enjoy facilities such as gyms, pools, and a walking trail within the building itself. If your preferred de-stressing activity is breathing in the fresh air, themed gardens are also available.

Malls and other amenities in the vicinity

THE MALL. The Mall at Light 2 Residences will feature local and international high street brands to complement the shops at Light Mall

For utmost convenience, Light 2 Residences has its own commercial complex integrated into the development. The three-level Light Mall makes it easier for residents to pick up groceries and other necessities.

If you want to save time and don’t want to travel far, a selection of restaurants and shops are available.

So if you’re searching for a home that will help you minimize traffic-related concerns while also providing you with most of the amenities you need, look no further. For more information on Light 2 Residences, you can check out SMDC’s website. *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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