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Find your balance at SMDC’s Mint Residences

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Published By: | January 20, 2021

It used to be that you have to make a difficult choice.

If you’re one to revel in the exciting flurry and frenzy of a vibrant city life 24/7, chances are, you may have to forego the more serene, laidback vibe of the suburbs and the countryside. Those who prefer to bask in nature and open spaces all year round to reap their healing, restorative benefits on one’s well-being may meanwhile have to miss out on the perks and glamour of the sophisticated lifestyle in cosmopolitan urban centers. To a certain extent, the kind of lifestyle you aspire for will mostly likely reflect in your choice of home and location.

In recent years however, property developers like SM Development Corp. (SMDC) have taken the arduous task of creating mindful sanctuaries in city centers, fusing the best qualities of both worlds so you won’t necessarily have to make that difficult choice.

Power address

For instance, SMDC’s Mint Residences, located along Chino Roces Ave., is set to offer that much coveted power address in Makati while ensuring that it inspires healthy living and well-being among its future residents.

This 34-story residential tower will certainly live up to the hype of living so near the country’s financial and business district, as it can offer easy access to everything “refined, cultured and state-of-the-art.” Be it large shopping complexes, offices of local and multinational companies, prestigious schools, hospitals, religious institutions, as well as cultural and leisure hubs, this Chino Roces address indeed comes with all the wonderful trappings of today’s modern lifestyle.

No doubt, with such a favorable and strategic location, the possibilities for your career, business and personal growth are bound to be limitless as well.

And since Chino Roces is one of the few remaining prime locations that can still be developed within Makati City, Mint Residences can thus offer a potentially lucrative investment proposition for those wanting to beef up their property portfolio.

Traditionally, Makati City offers one of the most attractive yields in terms of land values and prices, even in the secondary market, and there is no doubt that properties along Chino Roces will soon be an exciting area for investors.

Finding the right balance

But just because Mint Residences will rise within a dynamic city doesn’t mean that finding the right balance will be difficult. On the contrary, SMDC ensures that nature and city life will seamlessly merge in its latest project, enabling its future residents to still find a true sanctuary that places a premium on their health and well-being.

This green urban haven, for one, will have 64 percent of the area allocated for open spaces with lush foliage, which will allow residents to take a much needed breather from the stresses of city life.

From the time residents will set foot in the lobby, the refreshing shades of green, vertical gardens and soothing water walls will inevitably set the tone for relaxation. Beyond the calming effect on one’s mood, the abundance of foliage and colorful blooms in this development will help improve air quality and provide a much cooler atmosphere. More importantly though, this also helps inspire healthy living and well-being among the residents.

In fact, one of Mint Residences’ distinct facets is its best use of spaces, meant to allow future residents to achieve a holistic, well-balanced lifestyle. Different spaces will be dedicated for your leisure, some quiet time, relaxation, work, active lifestyle and even social interactions, enabling you to achieve wellness across all fronts—be it physical, mental, emotional, social or even spiritual.

These spaces are further amplified by an array of well selected amenities that encourage activity, meditation and connection, such as swimming pool and pool deck, fitness facilities, kids’ play area, lounges, jogging paths, as well as meditation and reflection rooms. Mint Residences, no doubt, offers the luxury of a retreat, a respite that doesn’t need you to travel outside the metro for a weekend just to unwind, de-stress and recharge.

Indeed, SMDC’s Mint Residences is a bastion of wellness in the midst of a thriving city, poised to offer future residents sophistication, wellness, and more importantly, an opportunity to have a life that’s truly well lived.

*Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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