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In good spirits: SMDC helps farmers and residents through Kadiwa Market

Published By: | April 13, 2021

The Good Guys and the Department of Agriculture join hands for the service of others.

What does it mean to be a Good Guy?

It means living up to your name, walking your talk, and doing good things consistently no matter the challenges that come your way.

SMDC once again shows it is the home of The Good Guys with trailblazing initiatives that continue to extend assistance to communities beyond its own.

Its latest initiative is a partnership with the Department of Agriculture (DA) that brings the Kadiwa Market to SMDC homes. This partnership not only helps residents gain access to affordable and high-quality fresh produce but also provides farmers with a ready customer base.

All roads lead to SMDC

The Good Guys Kadiwa Market was formally launched at the SMDC Light Residences on March 6.

“Kadiwa is built on the concept of bringing farmers closer to the consumers,” says DA’s Minky Alba. “In doing so, we cut the layers of distribution. We remove the presence of middle men.”

The farmers come all the way from the Cordilleras. The lowland farmers come from Nueva Ecija. They bring fresh produce – vegetables, dairy, eggs and milk– priced according to SRP (suggested retail prices) or even lower.

DA also plans to bring SME (small and medium enterprises) partners that sell processed products like virgin coconut oil, coco sugar and snack items.

Happy farmers, happy residents

Weekends are abuzz at SMDC homes as both residents and farmers find their happy place in this weekend market. Four farmers weigh in on their experience.

Maribeth, L Sanchez Farm (Region III): “Shoppers do not need to leave the condominium building to buy fresh vegetables that are cheaper compared to other markets. Our produce are fresh from the farm and were not stored in any way except during travel.”

John Buena, Farmer Juan Ranch (Batangas): “The pandemic halted our deliveries to restaurants and hotels because they were closed down. Kadiwa is bridging the economic gap between the consumers and producers. It’s a win-win situation. Residents can see that our products are superior but are sold at lower prices.”

Pacita Yap, Mountain Province: “We planted these vegetables ourselves. You are buying directly from farmers. Some of these are greenhouse vegetables and were grown without the use of insecticides. Kadiwa Market simplifies the process of selling and we are able to count our earnings faster.”

Mark Clave, Dugso Fishermen Cooperative: “Kadiwa Market is about food sustainability and security. Both the fishermen and the consumers win. It gives us a sure market to sell to straight from our farms.”

Kindred Spirits

“SMDC has been holding these markets but, this time around, there are more sellers and the vegetables are visibly fresh. There’s also more variety,” Sheila, a resident of Light Residences, says. “I am happy that there’s a market like this in the condo. It’s not only helpful to residents but to farmers, too.”

Kadiwa literally translates to “kindred spirit.” This weekend market brings kindred spirits together to create a community of Good Guys doing good for one another.

*Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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