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Sail Residences: Award-winning luxury by the bay

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Published By: | January 29, 2021 From its Balinese resort-inspired design elements to modern amenities, all the way up to spacious cuts and the promise of living in a safe, upscale community – this prime property along Manila Bay sailed to success as it bagged two Design Awards at the 2020 Property Guru Awards.

Testament to its iconic façade and exquisite landscaping, Sail Residences wowed the judges at the recently concluded Property Guru Awards, where it won for “Best Condo Architectural Design” and Best Landscape Architectural Design.”

“Sail Residences by SMDC is the embodiment of luxurious waterfront living. Its stunning façade is dominated by garden decks and undulating ledges and is complemented by blue and white tones, all created using locally supplied materials,” said the judges. They also lauded the development’s architectural design for its “well-thought-out elements that include a Balinese-inspired clubhouse, pools with a center island and ocean-themed lounge areas.”

A premium condominium development within the Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex, Sail Residences is set to redefine luxury living by providing future residents with some of the best shopping, dining, entertainment and work/business options available to urban dwellers.

The award-winning residences along Sunset Drive also finds itself in the heart of a world-class destination that has, over the years, gained a reputation as the country’s primary exponent of 21st-century bayside living. It is accessible to a number of leading schools, hospitals, transport hubs and, yes, major malls – things that will definitely come in handy to the future residents of its 2,829 units.

More than leisure

While many would associate the MOA Complex with leisurely activities such as jogging by the bay, or watching the magnificent Manila Bay sunset from, say, atop the MOA Eye – it, too, is a thriving business district. Future resident jetsetters, who regularly leave the city either for business or pleasure, would also welcome the fact that the country’s series of international and domestic airports are just mere minutes away via the NAIA Expressway. Such access paves the way to world-class living.

Home is the greatest luxury

At the heart of this development, of course, is Sail Residences itself, which gives future residents the option to own units facing the bright blue waters of Manila Bay. For them to better savor the view and refreshing sea breeze, each unit facing the bay comes with its own glass balcony.

Strategically located on certain floors are three-level viewing decks. Not only do they provide residents with a more scenic and breathtaking outdoor experience, they also connect the four-tower residential development, effectively linking them together as one community. Owing to its ample floor space, each viewing deck can be an ideal venue for socializing with your neighbors, or simply soaking up the sun and taking in fresh air. All these without residents having to leave the building.

And what’s a prime development without its jaw-dropping yet welcoming lobbies? From high-grade finishes, bespoke furnishing, sail-like sculptures and ceiling lights, the bright, well-appointed lobbies of Sail Residences are designed to generate a feeling of warmth as well as luxury – on par with those iconic hotel lobbies in the metro.

In building Sail Residences’ outdoor amenity areas, designers drew inspiration from Balinese luxury resorts, as can be seen in the architecture and landscape. To effectively transport the essence of Bali into the middle of cosmopolitan Metro Manila, designers also intend to make use of Balinese-inspired outdoor pieces mixed with carefully curated tropical flowers and ornamental trees.

The entire pool area also comes with a central garden and a series of pocket gardens that host individual cabanas and jacuzzis that are connected by palm-lined walkways. In keeping with the development’s theme, a sailboat-inspired water feature adds visual flourish to the entire outdoor oasis. At its center is a two-story Balinese-inspired clubhouse, which will come with a fully equipped gym and yoga area.

Where friendly faces meet

Finally, after all is said and done, it is the people that add the final flourish to this upscale community. As part of its concierge-serviced lifestyle, Sail Residences’ property management team elevates everyone’s idea of premium lifestyle by providing homeowners and their guests with a “living” experience that is convenient, comfortable and secure.

Set for turnover in May 2023, Sail Residences is a culmination of the finer things in life. It’s a home and a resort, a center for business and lifestyle, and quite possibly, your gateway to chasing your very own sunset – wherever that may lead.

To know more about Sail Residences, click here. *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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