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Sun, Sea, and SANDS: Welcome to the Hottest Investment Opportunity in Manila

Published By: What's Happening PH | April 12, 2021

In the shadow of a pandemic, people have welcomed the auspicious opportunities 2021 is bringing – opportunities to prosper in life, in love, and in business.

Enterprising individuals know that assets like real estate investments are the way to go. And why not? You’ll have a property to call your own to either live in, use during business trips, or rent out while you are working in a different part of the world.

With the right real estate investment, you will be able to anticipate a good cash flow as far into the future as 50 years and expect the value of your asset to continue to increase.

A prized investment you can make this year lies in the heart of the Philippine capital, with an everyday view of one of the best sunsets in the world — SMDC Sands Residences.

Manila, Manila — I keep coming back to Manila

SMDC Sands Residences is located along the picturesque Roxas Boulevard in Manila, known around the world for its beauty, history, culture, and investment potential.

With the dynamic Mayor Isko Moreno at the helm, Manila City is poised to become the next big thing in property investment. There is no better time to invest in Manila property than now.

In 2019, shortly after Moreno took office, countries like the United Kingdom, Panama, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Singapore, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, China, the United States, and the European Union all pledged support to Moreno and his plans for the city, from preserving Nature to mobilizing its digital transformation.

Notable neighbors

When you get a unit in SMDC Sands Residences, you will find yourself in fine “company” — the US Embassy, Malate Church, Rajah Suliman Park, Manila Yacht Club, Cultural Center of the Philippines, The Coconut Palace, Harbor Square (where you can take a ferry to historic Corregidor Island), the Philippine Navy headquarters, the newly renovated Metropolitan Theater, the new Binondo-Intramuros Bridge and the nearby Rizal Park.

You will be neighbors with key government institutions— Department of Foreign Affairs, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Department of Finance, National Museum, National Library, Philippine Gaming Corporation and the Central Post Office.

Close your eyes and imagine living here. It just takes your breath away.

The Sands standard

SMDC Sands Residences offers hotel-like living every single day for you and your guests. You have a front desk at your disposal and on-demand services you may easily avail yourself of, not to mention a doorman who will welcome you and your family or guests everyday like the VVIPs that you are.

Inside and outside, your Sands Residences home is beautifully designed to reflect the scenery outside. The colors are gold and white, signifying luxury and brilliance, perfectly complementing each other. A sense of grandeur immediately welcomes you with a high-ceiling and spacious lobby that elegantly combines the elements of the sunset and a sandy beach under a clear sky.

Reminiscent of world-class hotels, there are shops and restaurants at the integrated retail center, a grand lobby, a pool, a gym, function rooms and a sunset lounge overlooking Manila Bay.

To complete the staycation-in-your-home experience, there’s The Bar, where you can enjoy cocktails and drinks with friends. Or you can simply enjoy the beautiful sea and cityscapes surrounded by pockets of nature spaces as your backdrop.

Auspicious investment

SMDC Sands Residences is 51 floors high with 43 residential floors. Units range in size from 21sqm to 38sqm.

SMDC Sands Residences puts a premium on safety and convenience. CCTV cameras are installed in all common areas and are on 24/7, so residents, tenants and guests from out of town or long-staying expats and their families can be assured of security.

Water is said to be an auspicious element as it represents constant flow. Around the world, properties near the sea, bay or lake command a premium. With the prospects of better things to come, not only for the world economy but also for the bright prospects in store for the City of Manila, all roads lead to SMDC Sands Residences. *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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