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A Look Into A Nature-Inspired Home For Everyone

Breezy mornings, lush greenery, and calm surroundings. What’s not to love about nature-inspired living? To achieve this kind of lifestyle, one doesn’t have to move out of the bustling city. Nothing beats the relaxation brought on by a beach-front home with scenic mountain views, but it’s essential to consider convenience and accessibility.

You can find your Zen here — in the heart of the Metro.

In today’s real estate developments in Metro Manila, modern conveniences are integrated with the natural environment. SMDC’s Mint Residences, for instance, paves the way for eco-friendly respites. These developments give you a slice of laid-back life without taking away your access to the necessities.

The Modern, Busy Life Calls for a Break

Mint Residences

Living in the city, it’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of office work and personal responsibilities. If you cannot remember the last time you had a quiet sit-down with yourself or loved ones, then you need a break. De-stressing comes in many forms, but connecting with nature has the greatest de-stressing effect.

Its calming power isn’t something to be dismissed. Viewing scenes of nature, be it the untouched wilderness or a landscaped garden, can take you out of your head. For a moment, you’ll forget the stress and experience pleasant feelings.

The calming effects of nature may vary from one person to another, but one thing is the same: it balances out the modern city life, offering the much-needed refreshing vibe.

A Balanced Life for the Hardworking Millennials

Mint Residences

Working individuals, especially young professionals, strive to work hard not just for the money but for career advancement. For some of them, there’s little time to play around or rest; this leads to an unbalanced lifestyle.

If going out for leisure and entertainment is impossible, these hard-workers can seek solace in a home with a natural-world look. Glass doors or windows that open to verdant gardens can instantly bring a serene feeling. Unroofed areas bring in energizing sunlight and soothing breezes.

A Relaxing Bonding Experience for Kids and Parents-to-be

Mint Residences

Being one with nature is good for everyone, including parents and their children. Nature-inspired communities can introduce the great outdoors to the children and serve as safe spaces for family bondings. Getting the kids to interact with nature offers a break from gadgets and screens.

Gardens, parks, and backyards are places where children can move freely and build confidence. Being outdoors teaches them to take care of the environment’s living parts.

Shared nature experiences can strengthen the bond between children and their parents. Being outdoors, running around, and playing is a fun activity for children. What’s good for children is good for their parents, too.

Choosing a Nature-Inspired Home

Because of Mother Nature’s undeniable calming and healing benefits, more city dwellers are now interested in owning a “green” home. Condominium complexes with nature-inspired architecture are worth exploring.

The availability of greenery, and natural elements should be considered, and so is the location. Living close to the city and nature can spark life in you.

Mint Residences

The up-and-coming condominium project by SMDC, Mint Residences features a nature-inspired lobby where shades of green accented by mahogany brown are reminiscent of nature’s grandeur. The use of top-of-the-line materials, such as marble, adds an elegant touch to the grand lobby.

The commercial strip on the ground floor level creates a beautiful contrast. Future residents can easily get all the basics in the commercial area, which features several shopping thrills and dining options. Located along Chino Roces Avenue, this nature-inspired development can offer you a restful break while retaining metro accessibility.

SMDC’s newest condominium development, Mint Residences, perfectly captures the modern eco-friendly lifestyle in Makati City. Article originally appeared on Lamudi Philippines. *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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