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The Role Of Your Home In Achieving Work-Life Balance

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, achieving work-life balance was a dilemma for the hard workers. Now that most of us are working at home as part of the new normal, it’s much harder to draw the line between work and personal life.

On top of the daily workload, or parenting or caretaking responsibilities, some receive messages from colleagues during odd hours. After all, everyone is now at home and easily reachable.

The good news is there are multiple ways to bring balance back into your life. It starts where you are right now — at home! Below are some tips to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Establishing Boundaries

Working from home isn’t synonymous to being available 24/7, so be clear and firm about your boundaries. Observe office hours and unplug once you clock out. It also helps if you communicate with your clients, colleagues, or supervisors regarding your availability so that they won’t bombard you with calls or queries past the working hours.

The same rule applies when you want to focus on work. Distractions at home come in many forms. For example, social media. Refrain from scrolling through posts. Better yet, block the apps to avoid losing your focus. The people you live with must also be informed of your working hours to prevent any disturbance.

Allocating Time

While being able to multitask is a nice skill to have, trying to do everything at once might slow your progress. Set aside specific times for work and household chores. Doing so will keep you focused on the task at hand and allow you to give it your best.

Taking Breaks

After working hard, give yourself a pat on the back for keeping it together despite the distractions. While the idea of a break is different for everyone, allow yourself to be human for a few minutes and set work aside, and clear your head.

Working on a big project? Divide it into smaller tasks and reward yourself for every milestone reached. A five-minute break is enough to rest your mind. This way, you can jump back to work with fresh eyes and new ideas.

Designating a Space for Work

Establishing boundaries and keeping a laser-sharp focus is easy when you have a designated workspace. Find a quiet space inside your home and treat it as an office. Once you go here, act as if you’ve left the house, then fully commit yourself to work. To achieve a perfect balance, it’s also a good idea to have a “work-free” zone at home.

For most houses, creating and maintaining a designated workspace is impossible. That’s why condominium developers like SMDC find ways to provide homes where one can effortlessly balance work and play.

Gem Residences by SMDC is an excellent example of a residential community that keeps it all balanced. Besides having designated workspaces for daily use, the development also has a function room ideal for business and social events.

Modern condominiums also have amenities meant to better the quality of life. These include a yoga deck for when you want to calm the mind, a fitness center to keep your body in shape, and game areas for a laid-back time with loved ones. Gem Residences also has built-in retail strips, allowing for easy shopping and dining. Developments that provide this level of convenience are becoming the new trend as they perfectly capture the essence of hassle-free living.

Investing in a New Home this 2021

For the most part, 2020 was a difficult time for everyone, particularly for those who made lots of work adjustments. The New Year has come, and it seems like work-from-home set-up is here to stay. This means that finding a home where you can work and live comfortably is worth prioritizing this 2021.

Gem Residences by SMDC has the makings of your next dream home — accessible, modern, and full of amenities for productivity and leisure.

Article originally appeared on Lamudi Philippines. *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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