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Live Sustainably at SMDC

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Such is the DNA of every SMDC development. Every design puts convenience and practicality at its core. Apart from the convenience of being at a place where everything is within reach, SMDC properties are strategically located in CBDs and transport hubs, providing homeowners with easy access to major thoroughfares and key destinations amid the social-distancing requirement.

SMDC developments are designed with the conscious effort to ensure that they allow residents to live in a safe, healthy, happy and thriving environment that is one with nature and the community within and outside every property’s environs.

So how does a homeowner make the most use of his property to live sustainably? Here are some tips.

Reduce the need to travel

Being situated in accessible locations enables residents to lessen unnecessary driving. By encouraging walking, SMDC developments not only allow homeowners to adopt a healthy habit, but it also helps reduce their global carbon footprints. This is both cost-effective and less time-consuming. It saves homeowners from stress and gives them more time to spend with their loved ones and the things that matter most to them. In an SMDC development, homeowners get to do more and live more.

Buy a right-sized house

A smaller house is easier to maintain and is more cost-effective. Having just the right-sized house allows one to make wise decisions in choosing items or furnishings that need to get into the home, which can mean better use of space and less clutter. It also allows one to make practical purchases. Instead of scrimping on several airconditioners or electric fans for a large space, for instance, homeowners can instead splurge on energy-saving inverter appliances, which are not only environmentally sustainable, but are also economically sensible.

Live and breathe healthy

SMDC’s well-appointed amenities provide the perfect venue for individual and family activities. A wide array of options is set within every SMDC home: outdoor activities through the property’s jogging and biking trails, swimming pools, basketball and badminton courts. Vast, open spaces surrounded by pocket gardens and landscaped greenery are perfect for yoga, meditation and other activities that stimulate the mind, body and soul. These amenities not only promote active lifestyles and encourage family bonding moments, but they also encourage people to socialize and to stay out of their units and enjoy nature.

Do more, live more, be more

Living in an SMDC not only allows one to be able to do so much more and to enjoy life to the fullest. SMDC serves as a catalyst towards building communities that live and work together, not only for fun but to be responsible citizens that care for the community and its neighbors. Because one can do more, one can live more, and be more for others.

Such is the essence of community living at SMDC.

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