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JAN SY – The Next Generation

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Published By: | January 29, 2021

Everyone knows the remarkable success story that made Henry Sy a household name, but the family legacy doesn’t stop there. In comes, Jan Sy, the eldest daughter of Bilyonaryo Henry “Big Boy” Sy Jr. Despite her age, this third-generation Sy has already shown glimpses that she has it next.

Her household has always been grateful of their Christian faith, centering much of their upbringing from the teachings of Christ. In her youth, Jan also reveled in the outdoors, often finding herself in their family farm. Activities that required an adventurous and nature-bound spirit became her hobbies, a likely catalyst for her impressive equestrienne record later on. Even her grandparents led lives of simplicity. All of which, in return, helped groom her to be a simple and grateful person herself. Most importantly it instilled in her the value in sharing one’s blessings. Decades later, Jan took the responsibility of putting the needs of the community first as her way of embodying her Christian faith.

Jan’s ideals coincided with the SM Development Corporation, and with her Economics and Business Degree from Westmont College, she would later sign on as Project Director in 2018.

Recently during the 8th Property Guru Philippines Property Awards, the company bagged the highly renowned Best Developer and Best Lifestyle awards to go with their total of 8 from the event. But even with SMDC’s continued run 48 projects and large contributions to the socio-economic landscape of the Philippines, Jan knew there was still work to be done.

Her father, Henry Jr., had an ambition for the Philippines. The ‘Filipino Dream’ where the common Pinoy can step outside their home and be within just a stone’s throw from essential services, job opportunities, and recreational hubs. Through sickness and health she and her team have made good on that promise, because the following year The Good Guys program was initiated.

For Jan, building a community with safety and happiness at the forefront is what makes “The Good Guys” more than just a tagline, but also a standard for the company to uphold. To ensure that even the challenged members of society can make the Filipino Dream a reality.

Jan and her team closely collaborated with the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, as well as the Philippine Red Cross to hold crime awareness and prevention workshops, in the hopes of providing the best security for their communities.

Health and wellness programs for the elderly and PWDs were also launched. When COVID-19 hit, instead of hindering their mission, it ignited a stronger desire to help. Within their communities Jan and her ‘Good Guys’ team set up Weekend Markets to help tens of thousands of displaced farmers sell their produce. Non-Covid health services to residents became readily available. Blood Donations and shopping convenience programs were launched and gave the floor for other burning hearts outside the team to lend a hand.

But this extension of help doesn’t stop with physical or economic imparities, because Jan has also kept in touch with the youth of today. Being a firm believer of mental health advocacy, she saw the increasing suicide rates among the youth as a call to action -launching The Good Guys online mental health learning sessions. Jan sees the youth as rudimental in community building saying they have the talents and skill but simply “need an avenue”.

Jan has dedicated her heart to giving back to the community, even during trying times. With all this under her belt, it’s no surprise that the future is bright for the next generation of Bilyonaryos. *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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