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Living In Gold – Literally And Figuratively

Article originally appeared on Lamudi Philippines

“Go for the gold” is the mantra of jetsetters and achievers. It means reaching the top of the success ladder, enjoying a position of prestige in the company, or being the best in the industry. In family life it’s seeing children grow up responsible and respectful, reaching their full potential. Going for the gold is the lifestyle — especially in the one area that influences all professional and personal decisions: the home environment.

Where you settle down affects almost every aspect of life— from the schools your children will attend, to the business opportunities you’ll encounter. That’s why in your choice of home you want to go for the gold to experience living in gold. How exactly does that look? From the kind of lifestyle down to the aesthetics of the home’s design, you look for the cut above the rest.

Design: Gold Standard

To live in gold means to enjoy a home that matches your aesthetic preferences and promotes functionality. Ensure that you’ll have the golden standard by focusing on the basic design elements and asking these questions:

  • Color. Which hues are you most fond of? What kind of atmosphere do you want to evoke in the color scheme of the rooms?

  • Light. Do you want the rooms to have natural or artificial, or both? What’s the color of the light? Do you want it to be cool blue or warm yellow? Bright or soft lighting?

  • Texture. What kinds of surface quality do you want to see in rooms? Wood, metal, glass, greenery, or a mix of all?

When these basic elements come together and complement one another, you will enjoy an aesthetically pleasing space and mood-boosting home. It’s living in gold at its finest.

Take one of SM Development Corporation’s (SMDC) prime developments, Gold Residences. In this condominium development in Parañaque, you can expect a striking, modern design, from the condo building’s architecture to the aesthetics of the amenities and individual units.

The building facade’s color scheme is a tasteful blend of light gray, dark gray, and white hues, coupled with gold accents. The balconies have glass and metal touches, and the amenity deck lightens the look with lush, landscaped gardens. The units, elegant in their features, can be customized to the homeowner’s sophisticated taste, further elevating the gold standard of design.

Lifestyle: Golden Opportunity

Living in gold goes beyond staying in an elegant, custom-designed residence. The perfect home should support a lifestyle of exclusivity. It must offer golden opportunities. These are the things you need to consider when finding such a place:

  • Accessibility. With the location of the residence you’re eyeing, can you have quick access to essential establishments and business districts? Will its placement offer better routes that can help you avoid the hassle of traffic?

  • Walkability. Are the streets designed for pedestrians and cyclists? Are there public spaces nearby where you can meet people and experience leisure?

  • Comfort. When you go to a nearby community, do you feel safe walking around? Can you envision yourself living happily and comfortably in your neighborhood?

A life of golden opportunities is the kind of lifestyle Gold Residences offers. Situated across the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), it’s near essential establishments, from malls and hospitals to schools and hotels. You can reach the SM Mall of Asia and Newport City within 15 minutes.

Leisure amenities are only an elevator button away. The condo’s amenity deck features swimming pools, a fitness center, jogging paths, a central park, enclaved gardens, a social lounge, and a social hall.

With these recreational facilities, Gold Residences promises peace and quiet. With its top-notch property management, you can rest assured that will always be safe and secure.

“Go for the gold” should be your mantra in finding and creating a home. Live in gold. *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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