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Modern Condos: The Complete Package For Investors

Judging from the countless condominium developments sprouting in Metro Manila alone, condo living is the lifestyle for many of today’s urbanites.

Unlike renting, owning a condo unit gives you the chance to be a part of an exclusive community and get your dream city address permanently.

Throughout the years, vertical residential developments have shown great potential. In the second half of 2020, Lamudi data shows that condominiums posted a 5.37% growth in pageviews compared to the first half of the year, while leads grew 9.43%. Lamudi’s forecast also projects pageviews to grow by 17.62% in the first half of 2021. Condominiums were once built to complement the towering office buildings in the metro’s business hubs. Now, even outside Metro Manila, you’ll find numerous condominium complexes designed to offer residential space where convenience abounds.

Now that staying at home is more important than ever, demand for residential properties will likely grow. As work-from-home set-ups and online schooling become the new norm, people will consider having a home conducive to productivity and fulfillment. In 2020, work-from-home amenities for comfort and connectivity accounted for 20.82% of searches on Lamudi, including air-conditioning and Wi-Fi, which are both essential for productive studying and working from home.

When finding a residential property to invest in, factors such as location, size, and maintenance fees always matter. Here are the things to expect from modern condos in the big city:

A Haven for Growing Families

South 2 Residences – Artist’s Perspective

Starting families are frequently on the hunt for a reasonably-priced property that offers just enough living space. Since condo units are known for their decent size and efficient layout, they’re an ideal housing option for couples or growing families.

Besides the cozy units, play areas are available within most condominium complexes. These are safe areas where kids can bond with their parents and socialize with other children.

A Personal Relaxation Hub

South 2 Residences – Artist’s Perspective

Another perk of living the condo lifestyle is that you’ll get access to the building’s relaxing amenities. Garden areas and playgrounds are ideal spots for nature-lovers and socially active residents. The green spaces and walkways provide plenty of space for your morning walk, while the swimming pools are readily available whenever you want to take a relaxing dip.

Without stepping out of the condominium development, you can get all your lifestyle needs fulfilled, from socializing to exercising and communing with nature–all while staying in the city.

An Accessible Address in the Metro

South 2 Residences – Vicinity Map

Condominiums, especially those located in a mixed-use complex like SMDC South 2 Residences, offer a convenient address. These developments are strategically close to the city center, where almost all types of buildings are located.

Most condominiums are also near offices and major thoroughfares, so going to work will be a breeze, and providing for the family’s needs will be less overwhelming. South 2 Residences has easy access to the Alabang-Zapote Road, as well as lifestyle and entertainment venues within and near Las Pinas. This gives you plenty of leisure options when you want to cool down or head outdoors with family and friends.

A Paragon of Integrated Living

South 2 Residences – Artist’s Perspective

A complex within a complex — a modern-day condominium like South 2 Residences has an innovative way of connecting various life areas in one place. It doesn’t only put you close to the hustle and bustle, but it also brings you right where the leisure options are. Located within the SM Southmall Complex, this development embodies a mall-centered lifestyle, so everything you need to relax is at your doorstep.

A condominium complex with a business lounge or designated workspaces also speaks highly of integrated and balanced living. It’s a comfortable space where you can juggle career and personal life and be the best at both worlds.

A Condo Unit as a Profitable Investment

A condominium unit is a great starting point for an independent life. But when you’re ready for the next chapter — a bigger house and more family members — you’ll probably think of moving into a new place. In that case, your condominium unit won’t lose its value. If anything, it can be an income-generating property that offers substantial earnings.

Condo developments have property management services to help you lease out your unit and protect your investment. For a guaranteed income, spruce up your unit, target the right market, and know the price.

The sooner you invest in a condo unit, the sooner you can enjoy the high investment returns in the future. By renting out a unit located in an enviable location and complete with amenities perfect for the new normal, you’re getting a steady source of passive income for your later years.

Ideal for home, business, and leisure, SMDC South 2 Residences is the complete package for investors of all types and levels. *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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