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SMDC South 2 Residences: An Exciting Take on Sustainable Urban Living

With the need for sustainable living changing the direction of the urban dweller’s lifestyle, hyperconnected, integrated cities are bound to be the future of urban living. Urban developers are being challenged to rethink perspectives and redefine sustainable urban living.

The 15-minute City

The convenience and accessibility to basic needs like food and medicine within a self-sustaining hyperlocal economy has proven to be essential during the current pandemic. In a 260 Lab webinar on Rebuilding Cities, Architect Jet dela Rosa talked about the hyperlocal economy in integrated cities, also called 15-minute cities. “The hyperlocal economy was a growing trend even before the pandemic. Take the example of 15-minute cities, where people are able to do their business within a 15-minute timeframe whether by walking or biking.”

Developed by Professor Carlos Moreno at Paris’ Sorbonne University, the concept of the 15-minute city is based on research on how city dwellers’ use of time could be reorganized to improve both the environment and living conditions. This concept, implemented in Copenhagen, is being tested in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Paris.

SM Development Corporation (SMDC) understands the value of a connected world where mobility, accessibility, and convenience are no longer merely an option but a lifestyle in which one can do things that matter and spend time with those who matter most. By rethinking the future of urban living, SMDC has pioneered integrated cities in the Philippines.

One such city is the SM Southmall Lifestyle Complex in Las Piñas City, adding a feather in its cap through South 2 Residences, another premium residential development following South Residences.

A Connected World

South 2 Residences offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle in which work and leisure, personal and social spaces are seamlessly interwoven in one dynamic complex. Strategically located, South 2 Residences provides a plethora of choices and destinations — schools, hospitals, places of worship, business centers, and a world-class shopping mall – all within walking distance. The world-class SM Southmall and the two-tower, eight-storey SM South Tower Offices are within close proximity, providing convenience and accessibility to the homeowner. Contributing to the dynamic vibe of the neighborhood are SM Southmall’s 6 IMAX theaters, a skating rink, the SM store, SM Supermarket, SM Appliance Center, Ace Hardware, Watson’s and Toy Kingdom.

Watch the latest blockbuster movie straight from the office without having to worry about traffic or nighttime safety; everything is just a short walk away. Working or studying from home? The spacious WiFi-equipped lobby, with its natural lighting and ventilation is the perfect spot.

Errands or appointments outside the district? No sweat. With transport hubs located close by, you can easily hop on and off to get to the rest of the Metro or even to go for weekend getaways to Cavite, Laguna and Batangas.

SMDC ensures that one gets the gift of time to work and play in a luxurious home that is entirely attainable.

An Urban Oasis

Because of the new realities and risks brought about by the pandemic, living in a community like South 2 Residences has become a necessary source of comfort: a place where one can work safely and comfortably, a nook to enjoy an afternoon coffee or tea, pocket gardens for a breath of fresh air in vast, open spaces to practice social distancing, and well-appointed amenities to keep one’s physical and mental health in tip-top shape.

Architect Jet dela Rosa foresees a movement towards sustainable condo living: “There will be a clamor for wellness and healthy design: natural light, air, natural ventilation, and urban gardening.”

This is something SMDC has been offering since Day 1. With SMDC blazing the trail towards sustainable cities, the urban dweller becomes a steward of Earth, supporting a community working together to give the planet the nurturing it deserves.

Luxury Living in the South

South 2 Residences’ three 15-level towers feature 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom unit layouts, with the option for a balcony, to suit the needs of the urban homeowner. It offers a wide range of resort-style amenities, including landscaped swimming pools, children’s play areas, pocket gardens, a gym, hotel-like lobbies, and high-speed elevators.

All of these entities are perfectly integrated into a commercial environment, thus giving residents access to a truly cosmopolitan lifestyle.

One Community, One Planet

With an SMDC property one can live in a community of Good Guys living a life connected with others. Where everyone is a friend offering a hello, a story, or a meal to brighten one’s day.

At SMDC’s South 2 Residences, opportunities for the creation of strong, lasting relationships, fun and engaging activities are endless. Make plans for that weekend road trip to Laguna or Cavite, which are a short drive away. Participate in a blood donation drive at The Good Guys’ medical mission. Join a yoga class or free that creative spirit by attending an art class.

Architect Andoy Salcedo, Director for Development of 260 Inc., speaks of the social benefits of living in an integrated city. “Integrated cities (make the community) more cohesive so people start to socialize more. (Because of this), we are learning to look inward.”

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