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SMDC South 2 Residences: The right time and place for real estate investment

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Published By: | January 29, 2021 For most entrepreneurs and professionals, it’s conventional wisdom to invest money rather than letting it sit in a bank with low-interest rates. However, many Filipinos are afraid to lose their hard-earned salary to failed investments. The problem lies with their lack of knowledge of investment options that provide strong and steady investment returns.

One of the safest investment options today is real estate. Through the booms and busts of the Philippine economy, the real estate industry has shown impressive resilience. The Residential Real Estate Index of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has indicated increased property prices despite this year’s pandemic-induced downturn.

However, to fully reap all the benefits, an investor must know the right time and place to invest. As a general rule, one needs to be ahead of a projected boom. Investors in real estate must also look for a strategic location with the right valuation and numerous possibilities.

Las Piñas, nestled south of Metropolitan Manila, is a city with bright potential.

Due to its young population and proximity to central business districts, this southern suburb has become the leading destination for would-be homeowners. Nestled in Las Piñas City is SMDC’s newest endeavor, South 2 Residences, which has become the top choice among property developments in the area.

Premium value

SMDC has become a market leader in the real estate industry owing to its strategic locations, integrated lifestyle, resort-style amenities and hotel-type lobbies. Last year it bagged the coveted Best Developer Award from PropertyGuru, the most prestigious award-giving body in real estate.

Its strategic location provides the highest premium and value appreciation for interested investors. A study conducted by Leechiu Property Consultants (LPC) on Las Piñas properties showed that condominiums within walking distance to SM Southmall are 68% higher in per-square-meter price than condominiums located farther away.

South 2 Residences’ predecessor, South Residences has appreciated in value by 190% over the last five years. The launch price was P86,000 per square meter; the current market value is P163,000 per square meter. This translates to a gain of P77,000 per square meter.

The LPC study shows that properties close to support facilities – banks, restaurants and fast-food chains within the 1-km radius – yielded higher returns. Mixed-use projects recorded the highest average-price growth at 180%, as compared to single-tower projects (114%) and multi-tower developments (105%).

Democratizing luxury and convenience

South 2 Residences’ competitive edge comes from its high accessibility to living essentials. First is accessibility to major road networks and transport hubs. With the forthcoming opening of Cavitex-C5 Sucat Interchange, the accessibility of Alabang-Zapote Road is further enhanced. As it is, the property provides easy access to the rest of Metro Manila as well as to Cavite, Laguna and Batangas.

South 2 Residences offers real estate buyers in Las Piñas easy access to employment and livelihood opportunities and everyday essentials. This convenience is enhanced by SMDC’s trademark resort-style amenities and hotel-like lobbies that provide concierge-type service and 24-hour security. David Leechiu, LPC CEO, himself said: “SMDC democratized owning property. Access to big, fancy pools, access to jogging paths, and access to secured housing without worrying that nobody will break into your house was only made available at a scale that happened because of SMDC. They make these available to the regular person.”

Oasis in the city

South 2 Residences’ proximity to the 20-hectare SM Southmall Integrated Lifestyle District has made it a great residential area, with commercial establishments a short walk away, and hospitals and government buildings nearby. A university is being planned within the complex.

With the re-opening of the economy, backed up by low interest rates and a Covid-19 vaccine soon to be available, investing in South 2 Residences is clearly one of the best decisions to make this brand new year.

For more information on South 2 Residences, visit South 2 Residences property page, or the showroom at the 2nd Floor, West Wing, SM Southmall, Las Piñas City. *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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