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The Perks Of Living Beside A Mall

To live in a mall is one of those lofty, amusing fantasies cosmopolitan people sometimes daydream about. What a delightful treat to be able to drop by designer brands any time of the day, try on different items, and have all the mall to yourself, right? Interestingly, this dream isn’t too far-fetched. Although you can’t technically live inside a mall, you can live next to one, satisfying your shopping and leisure urges all the time.

And with the ongoing health crisis, a mall-centered lifestyle makes coping with the new normal easier. Here are the perks of living next to a mall:

Your Essentials Are Covered

When you live near a mall, you can easily get access to establishments that meet your basic needs. You won’t have to worry about running out of milk or oatmeal in your pantry. Since the supermarkets in malls carry a large selection of products and brands, you can be sure that your favorite shampoo brand will be there when you need it.

With restaurants, convenience stores, clothing shops, laundromats, and hardware stores nearby, you have all your needs covered.

South 2 Residences – Artist’s Perspective

SMDC’s South 2 Residences located in Las Piñas City offers that and so much more. Located within the sprawling SM Southmall Lifestyle Complex, residents enjoy easy access to over 300+ retail shops, service centers, and dining establishments.

You Can Pursue Lifestyle Preferences

More than the basic needs, your lifestyle pursuits are supported when you’re living next to a shopping center. Remember that aside from the essential establishments mentioned above, malls host a slew of other amenities, such as cafes, salons, gadget shops, and movie theaters. Whether it be coffee drinking or updating your hair or gadgets, different kinds of lifestyles are accommodated in this residential set-up.

South 2 Residences – Artist’s Perspective

Inside South 2 Residences, you can expect modern facilities not just in the mall nearby, but also right within the condominium complex. The development is dotted with high-end resort amenities, including swimming pools, gazebos, garden seats, function rooms, and a grand lobby. All around, there are lush greens designed to offer a relaxing sight to busy city dwellers.

You Wake Up to Beautiful Views

South 2 Residences – Artist’s Perspective

Malls are built with aesthetics in mind. Modern buildings boast visually stunning facades, sprawling structures, and sometimes iconic, intricate details (think SM Aura’s smooth curves and clean lines). Imagine waking up to this kind of view every day. What’s good about SMDC’s South 2 Residences is that you can bask in beautiful views wherever your unit is facing.

Unit layouts are designed to take advantage of these views. Choose between the one-bedroom and two-bedroom units depending on your lifestyle needs.

You’re Safe and Secure

South 2 Residences – Artist’s Perspective

Huge shopping centers put a premium on security. If you’re living near the area, you can have the peace of mind that your neighborhood is safe. Modern developments around malls also have their own security protocols. In the case of South 2 Residences, the gated entrances will be manned with uniformed guards and security cameras. In key areas of the building, you will also find CCTVs.

Each floor has a fire exit area. Hallways and units are equipped with automatic fire sprinklers. A standby generator set can power up common areas in case of a power outage. Since there’s a dedicated property management team in the community, you can expect that amenities are well-maintained for your safety. In times of crisis, this kind of secure community gives residents peace of mind.

You Embrace the Good Life

Living near a mall simply elevates your lifestyle. You do not have to waste time and energy on traffic; you can dedicate it to more productive activities. You can bond with your kids, hang out with friends, or simply get an extra hour of sleep before the workday starts. Plus, you can explore other hobbies.

Imagine living in South 2 Residences — you can drop by SM Southmall’s bazaars and expos from time to time, attend the hippest and coolest holiday events, catch the latest movies, and more all in one integrated district. In this community, you can live the good life that you deserve.

To live in the mall is the dream, but living near one is enough to experience that one-of-a-kind lifestyle. *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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