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Trending Now: Nature-Inspired Living In The City

Living in the city is often associated with the hustle and bustle and a fast-paced lifestyle. Many are so caught up in work and relationships, losing time to pause and appreciate nature’s calming beauty.

This is why for some people, having a nature-inspired home is a must. When the sun goes down and the work is done, it’s time to go home and relax. And with a nature-inspired home, the serene feeling seamlessly overflows. In minutes, you’re transported into a peaceful environment, somewhat similar to a quiet beach, the forest at night, or a lush garden in summer.

Timely Residential Developments for the New Normal

Before, you have to pack your bags and visit different provinces to get a good view of nature. Think mountain climbing, camping, and kayaking. It was all fun and relaxing until the new normal came, following the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, traveling to witness Mother Nature’s greatest hits isn’t an option.

The good thing is you can bring nature with you, all the time — inside your home. That’s the beauty of the nature-inspired developments today. They take away the hassle and danger of traveling by bringing you close to an eco-friendly environment.

The travel restrictions and lockdowns made many people nostalgic for outdoor activities and nature trips, but finding serenity in the city is possible. Condominium developments like SMDC Mint Residences are designed as a safe refuge for those seeking peace within the urban jungle. With nature-inspired displays, vibrant greenery, and other sustainable features, these developments have successfully brought the outdoors inside an exclusive community.

A Look into a Nature-Inspired Development in the City

Natural elements like wood, marble, and concrete are prominent in nature-themed developments. When combined with tones of mint green and mahogany brown, this kind of interior design will no doubt remind you of your inherent connection to nature.

The soothing effects are made even better with the developments’ amenities that calm the mind, body, and soul. Cozy lounges are built for meaningful conversations with friends and family. Dive into the pool to wash your worries away, or stroll along the pebbled walkway barefoot for grounding. Well-manicured roof decks for yoga sessions are also a famous sight in nature-inspired condos, encouraging residents to stay attuned to their bodies.

The best part is all of these inspiring features and activities are located in the city — close to virtually everything. Developers understand that convenience is a must to live a balanced life. That means you can be close to nature and relaxation, without losing access to the basics and essentials.

Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside Your Home

Start small or go big; there are plenty of ways to have a home surrounded by the calming vibe of nature. Here are some of them.

  1. Consider adding indoor plants – Houseplants are among the most convenient reminders of nature’s growing process. Some require little maintenance, while others are sensitive to different external conditions. Start with one green plant in your home, and who knows, maybe you’ll have a mini indoor garden in a few months.

  2. Hang up some nature-inspired artworks – For some, taking care of plants can add to the heaps of household chores. As such, a great alternative would be to display nature-themed paintings at home. These could feature anything from florals, greenery, or abstract botanical prints.

  3. Redecorate the rooms – Depending on the current look of your house, redecorating could either be a minor or a major project. The main idea is to add more natural elements to your living space, such as bricks as a backdrop, wood as flooring, and artisan-crafted furniture for display and use.

  4. Invest in a nature-inspired home – A nature-themed condominium development is already equipped with all the elements, features, and designs that will remind you of Mother Nature’s timeless beauty. If you have the budget and don’t want to go through the laborious renovation process, acquiring a condo unit is a worthwhile and rewarding investment.

  5. Enjoy the view – Lastly, enjoy the view inside and outside your home. Open the windows to bask in the sun, or take a stroll outside and feel the breeze. Nature is all around us. We just need to pay attention and take its calm presence in.

To witness more of the majestic beauty of a nature-inspired condominium development, start by checking out Mint Residences! *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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