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What Your Luxurious Dream Home Should Look Like

Published By: | February 4, 2021

There’s no one definition for “luxury homes,” but by how they’re called, one can already expect a sense of elegance and extravagance. It’s that property that stops you from scrolling past, either because of the stunning views or the magnificent facade and finishes. In the eyes of a buyer, it’s the most coveted piece of real estate in the community.

Although there’s no single definition of it, luxury homes share common features. It is these characteristics that make them a cut above the rest. If you’re shopping around to find one for yourself or your family, keep an eye on these features that make a luxury property the ultimate dream home:

Prime Location

In real estate, location is king. In luxury real estate, location is everything: it’s what everybody talks about either because of the popular site it’s on or the top-notch establishments surrounding it. In SM Development Corporation’s (SMDC) condominium project Gold Residences, it ticks off these two, as it’s situated right across the country’s major aviation hub.

Located near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), it provides easy access to commercial centers, schools, hospitals, hotels, and entertainment centers. Mall of Asia and Newport City are only a 15-minute drive away from the condominium building. Basically, you live at the center of all the action. There’s no hassle in this prime location.

Unparalleled Quality

Everywhere you look, from building materials to design and furnishings, luxury homes exude sophistication. In the case of Gold Residences, it’s not unusual to see marble tiles, panoramic glass doors, custom-designed sofas, and gold accents. These small details reflecting top-grade quality take condo living to the next level.

While Gold Residences units are already beautifully planned out, home buyers here can also personalize their spaces. You can pick your own color schemes, add a mini bar, or install your own dramatic lighting for a five-star hotel feel.

Stunning Architecture

Of course, the facade of a luxury home has an element of elegance, too. Its impressive build and design collects oohs and aahs not just from the buying market, but also from actual property experts. Located in Gold City, phase two of Gold Residences features architecture that is a product of the genius of three leading design and architectural firms: ASYA Design Partner, Michael Fiebrich Design (MFD) and Adrian L. Norman Ltd. (ALN).

Gold accents aside, the facade’s design shines through because of the visually-appealing blend of gray and white hues, as well as the glass and metal textures in the balconies. As for the towers, they are purposefully in pairs to create courtyard spaces for the amenities. When you’re chilling in the pool or sipping some wine at your balcony, you’ll better appreciate the grandeur of the development’s architecture.

Relaxing Amenities

Jetsetters live a busy life. That’s why luxury properties include relaxing amenities. For sure, you’ve heard about jacuzzis in bathrooms or indoor pools. In Gold Residences, lush, landscaped gardens dot the development’s amenity deck. While softening the modern, sleek appearance of the building’s facade, it offers the tranquil view busy residents need while living in the city.

While you bask in the beauty of nature around, you can take a dip in the pool with your family. Have your children meet peers in the playground. Take in the green surroundings at the central park or the enclave gardens while doing one of your meditation sessions. Luxury living’s perks include enjoying these relaxing amenities.

Lifestyle-Oriented Spaces

Amenities in luxury properties are not only designed to offer peace and quiet. They also support the active lifestyles of busy, jet-setting residents. There is plenty of room, literally, for physically active residents in Gold Residences. Straight from breakfast or work, you can drop by the fitness center or use the condo’s jogging path.

As for the social activities, you can book the condo’s social hall. Party like an A-lister in the spacious function halls adorned with luxurious designs.

Do you want to live in a place that exudes elegance and extravagance? A home that makes the best impression in the neighborhood? You deserve the most coveted piece of real estate. Check out SMDC’s Gold Residences to know more. *Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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